CSR at Happy Life Children’s Home

The team at Mahiga Homes was thrilled when they got the chance to visit Happy Life Children's Home. It was an early Christmas for the kids, and the team had brought along plenty of gifts to share.

As they arrived at the children's home, they were greeted by a group of excited kids who had been waiting eagerly for their arrival. The team was touched by the warm welcome and couldn't wait to get started on their Christmas celebration.

Over the next few hours, the team and the kids bonded over songs, company, and of course, gift-giving. The team was so happy to see the joy and excitement on the kids' faces as they opened their presents.

It was a truly heartwarming experience for everyone involved, and the team at Mahiga Homes left feeling grateful and fulfilled. They couldn't wait to do it all again next year and make even more special memories with the children at Happy Life Children's Home.

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