Mahiga Homes Project’s Progress

Kenya’s most affordable realtor Mahiga Home is working hard at its project’s locations to turn its vision into reality. The developer is making great progress at Golden Rock Estate, Rockvilla II Gardens, The Riverfront, and Ruby Gardens.

Mahiga's expert team is working around the clock to design innovative spaces that will define the future. From foundation to roof, Mahiga Homes are committed to building with quality and precision. Construction is in full swing at Ruby Gardens. Mahiga’s commitment to building a better tomorrow drives the developer every day.

Mahiga Homes rapid growth is attributed to its specialisation in building affordable yet quality homes. 

They aim to make homeownership accessible and achievable for middle and low-income earners, who are often excluded from the formal housing market.

Mahiga’s affordability stems from its use of innovative technologies, economies of scale, efficient construction methods, and partnerships with leading mortgage providers.

Through Mahiga’s various projects across the country, Mahiga Homes have been able to provide decent and spacious homes with modern amenities. Furthermore, they have flexible payment plans that allow clients to pay over extended periods without accruing exorbitant interest rates. 

Ultimately, Mahiga Homes’ affordability aligns with its aim to empower every Kenyan with an opportunity to own a decent home at an affordable cost.

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