Golden Rock Estate

Golden Rock by Mahiga Homes is a gated estate that offers luxurious:

4 Bedroom All Ensuite Maisonettes

3 Bedroom Master Ensuite Bungalows. Price 5.45m, Deposit 2.5m , Payable in 8 months

Unit Features Include:

80x50 Feet Plot
Unit of land area that represents the size of a space.
Master Ensuite Bedroom
A bedroom that has its own private bathroom.
Number of Bedrooms
Comprises of 4 Bedroom All Ensuite Maisonettes and 3 Bedroom Master Ensuite Bungalows
Kitchen and Pantry
You can choose between open or closed kitchen.
Inbuilt MDF wardrobes
Built-in storage units made of medium-density fiberboard
Cabro Paved Driveways
A type of driveway made of interlocking concrete blocks
2 Car Parking Spots
A area specifically designated for parking two vehicles
Ensuring  Water Security
A backup borehole in action alongside reliable municipal water supply.
Green Area
A green area is a space that is covered in grass or other vegetation.
Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Make this house your new home and create lasting memories here.

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